Ariston offers pagination services for different subjects.  Our services include customized graphic content production, design and conversion into platform independent formats. We are capable of managing the entire cycle of content publishing, starting from pagination, design, editing, proofing and conversion.

We use following industry-standard composition tools and applications:

​ ○ Adobe-InDesign
​ ○ Quark Express
​ ○ FrameMaker
​ ○ LaTex
​ ○ PageMaker


We have an extensive experience in scanning documentation for different industries. All of our work is completed to the highest standard and we pride ourselves in offering quality document scanning services with competitive/affordable prices. Each of our process has been well-defined and fine-tuned to ensure that your document is efficient, accurate, secure, timely and lower cost.

We scan at high resolution and provide the output in a ready-to-publish format. We align 'crooked' pages and clean-up any anomalies (such as dust specks). We use image-processing software applications to scan a wide variety of document types. We provide high accuracy output that is generally used for reprints and archiving projects for journals and old manuscripts.

With our high-volume data capture and coding services, we manage large volumes of data. Our coding services include digitization, full text OCR capture, and image conversion (PDF to TIFF, multi-page TIFF to single-page TIFF).

We are offering both Destructive & Non-Destructive types of scanning.


Ariston has a proficiency in handling latest tools and softwares like illustrator, photoshop, corel draw, flash, indesign, gimp etc.... Modify, enhance, and improve your hard-copy documents with image enhancement and conversion services from Imprints. Convert hard-copy originals — such as artwork, photos, or printed text and illustration — to versatile digital formats, using high-quality scanners and professional retouching tools.

Ariston facilitates the work which is cost-effective, ensures the high quality standard and quick turnaround

Ariston image editing services help create beautiful graphics and digital images.

Our graphics & image editing services include:

​ ○ Image correction, digital image processing, photo manipulation services etc.
​ ○ Adobe Photoshop for image processing & Adobe Illustrator for re-drawing.
​ ○ Portrait enhancement for black & white, sepia, vignette, etc.


We come up with rich experience in converting any type of source materials (Word documents, page images (TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG), hardcopies, PDF documents (Text and Image), application files (Indesign, Quark, Framemaker and any electronic medium), custom XML) to any eBook format. The digital publishing solutions developed by Ariston are compatible across multiple devices such as e-Readers, Mobiles, iPad, iPhone..etc.

Ariston is capable of handling complex content and layouts, and can create ePub and Mobi compatible with several mobile devices. Our expertise with different customers permitted us to learn and be efficient at handling different types of non-english characters and layouts.

Ariston can also assist you in converting a variety of source documents or creating fresh content such as Word, PDF, XML and InDesign to deliver recent eBook versions.


Ariston offers wide variety of data into XML format as per customer own requirement, which would be essential for publishers, electronic & print media, technical, financial, legal, universities, etc.... We support you quickly and efficiently by delivering your content in the formats needed with our efficient technology and workflow systems, using a combination of automated tools and manual processes. 

We render a XML files to the following standards:

​ ○ NLM
​ ○ Docbook
​ ○ TEI
​ ○ Customer’s customized DTD/Schema


Ariston Publishing Services



Intended to deliver an error-free document, our Proofreading service not only corrects typographical mistakes but also eliminates basic errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and consistency.

We proofread novels and lengthy academic documents such as thesis, dissertations, essays, journal and other books.

We have the expertise in proofreading services and before the work is delivered we perform rigorous quality checks to ensure that the work is highly professional and flawless. We take into consideration even the minutest errors in punctuation and correct them.

quality assurance

Ariston offers QA services and solutions for its customers while adhering to the highest quality standards. QA strategy holds the key to successful development, where we makes sure you are doing the right things, the right way. Quality Assurance (QA) services is to bring perfection to every project in which our company is engaged. In a high edge competitive atmosphere, it is very important to bring about a product/service with assured quality. 

​The planned and systematic activities implemented in a quality system so that quality requirements for a product/service will be fulfilled. This service helps by improving the product quality and also appealing to end-users.